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CellAED®: life-saving technology
in the palm of your hand
Snap Peel Stick® to apply in seconds
Where is your
nearest defibrillator?
Rapid defibrillation saves lives

The chances of surviving sudden cardiac arrest drop by 10 per cent for every minute CPR and defibrillation is delayed.3,4

The decision you make today to reserve your CellAED® could save the life of someone you love.

CellAED® is designed to help you act quickly and effectively to save a life from sudden cardiac arrest.

Through high-tech medical, engineering and design innovation, we are breaking down the barriers to accessing the life-saving tools you need to act in time.

Pre-order your CellAED® now for only $299.
*Terms & Conditions apply. Only available for shipping within Australia. Special introductory pre-order purchase price per unit $299, with monthly $15 support fee. Expected regular retail price of $329 plus support fee.
Time is everything