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CellAED for Life-UK

What is
CellAED for lifeTM

What if sudden cardiac arrest was to affect your family? Would you know what to do? Would you have the tools to respond effectively? Would you want to know what happened?

CellAED for lifeTM is a membership designed to help prepare and empower you and your family to respond confidently to a sudden cardiac arrest.

Being a CellAED for lifeTM member is designed to give you peace of mind, so that you and your CellAED® will always be ready if called into action and it also helps to provide answers after such an event

Membership inclusions

Instructional training video on how to use CellAED®

Empowered educational learnings, tips & tricks for the whole family

Always Ready

Complimentary replacement of your CellAED® prior to the shelf-life expiry of your old device

Replacement of your CellAED® upon use

Monthly device status updates on battery and storage temperature

Notification of device data observed outside of thresholds

Skip the queue - don’t worry about long manufacturing lead times, you’ll always get priority

Get Answers

Personal access to event data for the one who experienced the cardiac arrest

Shared access of event data to their medical team

Connecting the responder and survivor

Complimentary CellAED® gifted to the HERO Responder

Additional Benefits

Be the first to know with exclusive sneak peeks and offers

Free shipping and returns on each replacement CellAED® over the life of your membership

Get your
My story is testament to the fact that sudden cardiac arrest really can strike anyone, anywhere, at anytime
- Benjamin Culiff, 17 year-old cardiac arrest survivor

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